Best SEO Ranking Strategy for 2019: Must Follow Tips to Rank better

Best SEO Ranking Strategy for 2019_ Must Follow Tips to Rank better

There are many ways to rank our page in the search engine but some of the useful and best SEO ranking methods to follow in 2019 you must follow this steps to rank better.

However, this post is not about the importance of Best SEO strategy for 2019.

Instead, I’m here to share with you.

Keyword Research :

You should take some time to search the best focus keyword related to your topic before writing the content or blog but don’t forget to target lower competition keyword. First, confirm you are doing this steps correctly because it will decide the success of your content in search engines.

There are many tools to do Keyword research but best are:

SEM rush


Optimize Your URL:

Many of the experts in digital marketing say that shorter URLs help the search engine to understand your blogs or posts what we talking about and they give us the best user experience. Short URLs are best. And we must note Our URLS contains the target keyword of our blog to rank better.

InsertGood Subheadings :

In the article posted on LinkedIn Pulse, Keren Lerner stated that “Your headlines may be catchy. Your writing may be amazing. You may have well-crafted words, punchy sentences, and incredible insight into the minds of your reader. But if your blog [post] is longer than 150 words, you need to add sub-headings – or build them in as you go!”

According to her, this is because “big block of texts can feel like a chore to read.”

The subheadings are H2, H3, H4 tags usually found in the blog.

Use subheadings to break up your content into easy to follow chunks. This will help your readers navigate and skim your content better.

Add Internal Links:

This link refers to any links from one page on any website that shows another page on the same site. This is one of the greatest methods every best blogger and content marketers follow to tell Google and website visitors that a particular page of content is relevant.

Benefits of internal linking:

This helps to increase your ranking for certain keywords.

This helps the search engines easily crawl your site.

Optimize Your Meta Description For SEO:

A meta description must be 160 character snippet that tells about page content. Meta description plays an important role to improve your post to stand out in search engine rankings.

Good Meta description should be as follows:

Include a focus keyword.

About 160 characters.

Clear and descriptive.

Be attractive and simple the visitor to read the entire page or blog.