Top Browser Testing Tools You Need in 2019

Top Browser Testing Tools You Need in 2019

Technically, the online browsers we should always be supporting nowadays square measure those that our users and customers square measure victimization, info that’s straightforward enough to search out victimization Google Analytics or another reasonably net analytics following computer code. however, if you don’t have that sort of knowledge on the market, here square measure the worldwide statistics.

Luckily, there are top browser testing tools we are selected for your reference.we’re reaching to take a glance at top of the most effective ones.


Crossbar testing offers each manual and automatic testing via selenium 1400+ remote browsers across mobile and desktop, and features.). CrossBrowserTesting and BrowserStack additionally change users to check versions (live or screenshot), run multiple tests (or take multiple screenshots) quickly, and even share the results.

All-in-all, an appropriate different to BrowserStack, however, I would choose BrowserStack if the number of browsers supported is important to you.


Despite being one amongst the cheaper cross-browser testing tools at $19/month, don’t let Browserling’s essential web site fool you. If machine-driven testing isn’t abundant of a priority for your team, Browserling may be a fairly efficient possibility.

Also, they need extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera as well!


With immediate access to over 1500 browsers running on Andriod and iOS devices, the well-known BrowserStack lets developers and different stakeholders have interaction in cross-browser testing, whether or not that’s to snap many screenshots, rectify errors in realtime, or to really act with the browser natively and see however the layout fairs once the window is resized.

BrowserStack also supports selenium, an open-source tool to help you automate various tests so you don’t have to do so manually.


Experitest offers fairly normal options however with reduced prices beginning at $9/mo, and even has a best freemium choice like Lambda test. Experitest could also be the higher choice as long as you’re on a budget.

Lambda test:

With unlimited real-time browser testing in all automation testing, Responsive testing, unlimited screenshot testing, and 24×7 customer support, you won’t have more worries in terms of limitations. And with low plan $15 per month Lambda test offers the most effective bang for the buck. In fact, there’s even a highly-functional “Lifetime Free” choice, creating it one in all the foremost accessible cross-browser testing tools out there on the market these days, terribly appropriate for those anxious concerning cross-browser testing for the primary time.

All options include:

1400+ native test browsers

Local testing functionality

Automated screenshot testing

Access to the WordPress and Chrome extension

Sauce Labs:

Despite providing similar alternative cross-browser testing tools, Sauce Labs starts from $89/mo (for testing on real devices). They’ve been around a short time although, and claim to possess “the world’s largest continuous testing cloud,” thus if you’ve got the budget, it’s price an attempt.


Even though the bulk of cross-browser testing tools on the market these days have maintained high-standard in terms of options offered.

If you’re searching for the best all-around choice, Lambda test offers the best price for your money.