Develop Your PPC Strategy in 2019

PPC Strategy in 2019

The Successful PPC campaign begins with a strategy.

The most common PPC goals include:

Brand awareness

Product & brand consideration



Each one of those goals aligns with the fundamental sales funnel: awareness thought, and buy.

As associate degree publicizer, you must closely examine the sales funnel for your business and customize consequently.

Let’s take a glance at every of those 4 PPC goals and ways that may assist you to accomplish all.

Brand Awareness:

PPC is usually used for whole awareness to introduce and lift the visibility of a whole or product. At this section, we would like to maximize visibility to an extremely relevant audience, with hopes clicks can end in resulting in the thought section. These targeting techniques square measure the foremost general, however, can supply a wider reach.Social media PPC ads square measure an honest possibility for stigmatization since their square measure numerous targeting choices supported demographics and interests.

For example, if the business sells aqualung instrumentation, doubtless bidding on “scuba gear” might increase awareness of the merchandise providing.

The drawback of this approach is that you simply can usually see higher cost-per-clicks and typically immaterial click-throughs.

The best thanks to executing this approach are with sensible keyword match sorts and use of negative keywords.

Product & brand consideration:

In this section, once users are considering and researching a sale, it’s an excellent time to re-introduce the whole with a lot of elaborated targeting and stronger call-to-action language within the ad copy. When customers hit the issues section, generally their search queries can become a lot of elaborated and specific. they will look for brands and merchandise combos to analysis, compare, and skim reviews like ‘Onida” TV’ or ‘MI 43” tv’.Another wonderful kind of targeting is that the in-market list that consists of users whose online behavior and action has indicated they’re within the market to shop for.This is an honest time to use remarketing with a banner or responsive ads to bring the buyer back to the merchandise they viewed.


When you can’t build a procurement instantly or online, you wish to gather ends up in follow up with interested prospects and have interaction them in an exceedingly spoken language.

Calls-to-action would possibly be:



3.Free trial.

All of those ideas area units meant to stimulate the user to the decision or fill out net|an internet} web kind. How the lead is followed-up on can vary for every business, however currently you’ve got info which will be used for PPC client match campaigns.



Consumers United Nations agency square measure able to purchase tend to use words in their search queries that indicate higher intent. things like:

Model numbers.

Shipping info.




It is smart to possess separate campaigns that address this part by light offers, guarantees, warrant info, or you come back policy. This reassures shoppers that your business is that the one to shop for from. Make full use of your ad copy and ad extensions.

Also, strive cart abandonment ads and remarketing ads that show the merchandise the user viewed.

Remember to line up the remarketing campaigns so they’re now not targeted once the acquisition.

To do this, started a “purchasers” list. Exclude that list from the campaign. you’ll additionally want it later for repeat sales.