Best Tips to Boost Conversion Rates & Traffic

Best Tips to Boost Conversion Rates & Traffic

In this world of Digital marketing, we are hearing a lot of the algorithm updates, Web crawlers, Seo, Search engine ranking and others. Here we are listed top tips to get a good conversion rate for your brand, product or services.

Answer all the user questions carefully.

Simply don’t tell about what you do. Prove them by good stats, case studies.

Guide them on what to do. The right action makes the next step easier.

Do remarket. They are free across both Google and Facebook.

Change to video content. You can shoot them on your smartphone and edit them with the best tools on the market.

Speed your websites by checking with Google page insights and reading Articles.

Target your audience it improve the quality of visitors. If they find the exact product they need surely they will buy.


Use Analytics correctly:

Use A/B testing if it doesn’t work try for google optimize for free tests.

Learn web analytics. Track. Everything!

Give them a good reason. They need to understand why they should buy from you.

Active engagement improves proper conversion to use the best Chatbot.

You must create landing pages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, search engine traffic separately.

Check that everything is working fine like links, contact forms, and social media buttons, etc.

List every way to contact you provide Phone numbers, emails, live chat, messenger apps etc.


Keep Your Web Visitors Present:

Be clear about cancellations, returns, and refunds.

Always provide tracking id and 24-hour customer support.

Ask a question. It lowers your bounce rate.

Maximize internal links. It reduces your bounce ratio.

Guest post strategically to build targeted traffic.

Tell good stories and tie them to your sales.

Study your audience and speak their language.

Acknowledge return visitors.

Understand your clients’ goals. They don’t always know what they want.

Test your user experience – it could be putting buyers off.


Focus on Optimization:

Compress images and everything for best loading speed. 100kb max!

Avoid external crowd-sourced script.

Cache it if you can.

Sales site must interactive. It boosts page retention.

For social media, court engagement over follows and likes.

Create separate landing pages for different conversion goals. One size won’t fit all.

Get their number/email by providing a free report for a sign-up.

Create a content path to keep them on your site longer. Link to similar articles.

Build a content library that establishes your expertise.

Plug in a lead magnet and grow your mailing list.