Tips to Run the best Link Building Campaign

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What is link building?

In the field of search engine optimization, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.


Why I need link building?

To me, sites fall into three buckets which determine how much time and effort need to be dedicated. There are three types of campaigns:

  • Unestablished.
  • Established.
  • Big brand.


  • Unestablished: Launch a campaign from zero resources to dedicate to this effort and even with less budget.
  • Established:  Paying a third party so they don’t own the process or relationships.
  • Big brand: While links are naturally coming in, most of them are pointing to the home page, which doesn’t help the site as a whole.

Below some ideas to run a good link building campaign that won’t let your website down.


Analyze Before You Reach Out :

We can use data people

Link building is typically very myopic in scope as most people think this way:

  • Select some good site with high domain authority.
  • Sent them a mail asking for good quality backlinks
  • Hopefully, you will get a good response and work out a deal, repeat.

Form Good bonds with other sites :

There is nothing wrong forming a good bond with sites and writers that are doing the great thing to your business.

First off all there is nothing wrong in doing guest blogging if you do in the correct way.

The huge problem with the guest blog from the network of sites. If you find any guys who run websites in your industry feel free to make mutual benefit to contribute each other sites just made it in moderation and keep expanding.

Work with Influencers people :

Whatever a product or service you will sell there are a lot of experts will guide you and many are listining to these experts to grow the better business.

You should find the best experts.

Many people are writers or speakers actually it is not much hard to find them.

Many time they will support you for the free product or small fee.(Depends upon their popularity)

Don’t Buy Link :

I can’t believe still many people buying links it is not a good way to generate backlinks.

That is outdated, time-consuming, soul-crushing methodology.

The link isn’t the most fun activity, it’s a necessary evil of our trade and shouldn’t be ignored.