Page Speed

In today modern generation, every people want every things and information very fast. It is more worst we clicking on a website for information to answer your
question correctly. If the website page doesn’t load in 5 to 10 seconds, people will
go to another website and you will get the information you needed. Everyone in
this generation is looking for best and they don’t like slow WebPages. If pages
slow in website traffic will be low and our rankings will be low. The page must be
load in 3seconds or less to get more traffic and visitors. To check the page speed you can takeGoogle’s PageSpeed Insights. Page Speed will play important role in the future of 2018.

Voice Search

Nowadays every people of this generation have more work. They are expecting good results in less time. Most of the Android mobile users and IOS users using the Google voice search to get exact information. This year 2018 will see a much higher shift towards voice search.

Rise of Backlinks

From the year 2018, building good backlinks will play the good role for ranking in the SERPS. This is one of the good ways google finds the website can be trusted. It’s better to have some good links from the high trusted websites. Another good factor is getting backlinks from unassociated sites. Some companies will create poor backlinks from waste sites and sent them to the competitors to drop the rank of a website. A good SEO analyst knows how to disallow this type of links so the
website rank does not affect.

Video search

Videos play important role in 21 st century because of a lot of people watching videos on youtube, Netflix, hotstar, amazon prime etc. According to a recent survey, by 2025, global video traffic will account for 88% of all traffic on the Internet. According to YouTube, mobile video usage rises by 100% each year. People searching on youtube for videos ever before. In fact, YouTube is too big of a search engine if you are looking to grow your traffic in 2018, you might as well consider creating and good video content for YouTube. According to the recent surveys create videos enjoy 57% more web traffic than those who don’t. If your videos reached well on YouTube and other social media platforms you will get more traffic and sales. Video search will play important role in the future of 2018

Content is Still King of SEO

Nowadays people get bored of reading the same content on different websites. The better the quality of your content, the better your website ranks. Every year Google changing the algorithms but still Google needs good textual content to determine the web pages to the correct search query. Google has improved most in the recent years to the analysis of good textual content. Content will play important role in upcoming years.

A rise in mobile phones

Google introducing roll-out of the mobile-first index in next few months after that update Google will rank based on the mobile version of a page. According to recent survey mobile searches, more than 60%  compared to desktop hence the shift to mobile-first index. This update is biggest in Google’s history that might turn page rankings upside down in upcoming years.

Local SEO

Nowadays the most number of people in this generation using the Smartphone across the world and with the help of mobile phones people searching Maps, Address, Phone numbers, Hotels, Reviews and more everything via Google search engine. Google has also added a new FAQ feature to Google Maps allowing users to post questions to companies or business owners and allow them to respond. Local SEO important role in 2018.