Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

Over 7.6 billion people on the planet using Instagram all over the world.

Have you noticed a decrease in the Instagram account? It is the time to chance your strategy. Everyone in the Instagram nowadays adjusts according to the algorithm to get good user experience for their business.

If you’ve been stuck using the same strategy for your Instagram account, follow this steps. Here are some tips to apply now.

Use Instagram Stories for Highlights

Instagram released more features with latest updated version and it released a new concept called Instagram stories. It is like snapchat feature it allows the user to update image or video with some attractive captions. You can do the survey on the Instagram stories page and get more followers for your Instagram account. Instagram stories can posted as regular posts or as advertisements. Instagram updated new algorithm to grow your business worldwide.

Create a best and unique Hashtag

Hashtag is the best way to build more followers on Instagram. Hashtag makes the content searchable while helping you to communicate between voice and branding. You can use unlimited hashtag it will bring a lot of consumers ability to find content through search. If you need to growth create unique and best hashtags that should be new and not already used. Use that best tag for your post and ask followers to use the hashtag on relevant photos.

Use Automation

Good engagement is the goal for more Instagrammers. Most of the business owners don’t have time for organic growing. Many people using Socialcaptain to create more engagement for your business or others. Automation can be used as the supplement to your regular engagement, not a replacement. You are totally busy but still, you can make some best impression by liking and commenting by spending online for some minutes.

Content Schedule

A 2018 study examined the key components of rapid Instagram account growth. They studied more than 400,000 Instagram posts for the space of four months. In that time, Instagram handles that posted regularly (at least once per day) saw an increased rate of engagement as well as a higher rate of followers. A content schedule is designed to help you grow your content at a steady pace. It’s not always quick, but you’ll see a significant jump in followers as soon as you start posting regularly, aiming for when your users are online. You can use Instagram tools to schedule content for you so that you don’t have to hop on the platform at the same time as your users.

Have Best Instagram Contents

People love free stuff, and offering it is a great way to get your brand in front of your targeted audience. Contests motivate greater engagement and potential followers, and if you can sustain high-quality content that your users love after it’s over, your brand engagement will skyrocket.

Contests happen all the time, and you don’t have to be super creative to get people on board, but it helps. The most important thing is to offer free prizes that your target audience will find useful or worthwhile. Otherwise, you’ll never gain engagement.